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— Dec 04, 2018

“I ordered Sketches never came ??But they took my money $145.98 under the name Huirenyong-ec”

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Comment from DENISE DEVROOME - Posted Dec 04, 2018

I ordered Sketches never came ??But they took my money $145.98 under the name Huirenyong-ec

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 22, 2018

I ordered "Tiffany & Co" jewelry from an "Online Tiffany & Co" outlet. The jewelry arrived - appeared to be cheap form of metal - clearly not Tiffany. I tried to return it - no response from the vendor "" . Their website has been taken down several times for some type of legal action. I returned the product - cost me $28 to return it (which is what Chase advised me to do), and then they claimed they did not receive the merchandise. My bank (Chase) did nothing to help. They claimed they contacted the merchant and the merchant said they did not receive it back. I had copies of the UPS shipping labels! I will never buy non-US products online again.

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Comment from Anonymous - Posted Feb 13, 2018

I ordered UGG boots from in December 2017. They never arrived and no refund yet...The creditor has been the same: BEIJING

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 22, 2018

I ordered uggs never came!

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 17, 2018

Does anyone know how our orders are getting to this company? Ordered an Ohio Jersey from Ohio came after Xmas with no packing slip can't return it. UPS said $80.00 to mail it back. We need to do something. I am not sure how ordering online with American vendors Beijing is getting involved?

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 12, 2018

Ordered UGGS boots for my wife for Christmas on 11/30/2017...... still waiting on January 12/2018....... I got ripped off for $74 and change

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 11, 2018

I received the same unknown today. There was no SMS received for any transactions made. There is a loophole which they exploited.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 11, 2018

Got the charge on 5th december. About a 100USD.

What's worrying is that normally for any online transactions, the bank will sms my phone. This did not happen for this charge. Only found it looking through my statement today. Call the bank, blocked the card and now opening a dispute.

Unlike other comments here, I didn't make a purchase at all. This card is more of my spare emergency card for the last few months.

Comment from ANONYMOUS - Posted Jan 09, 2018

I ordered a food mixer november never came

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 09, 2018

Same - $150 out December. Zimautong.Precious stones, minerals, watchescompany I think.

Comment from MALCOLM - Posted Jan 07, 2018

Had the same experience, This scammer, (supposedly a precious stone/jewellery merchant), took AU$150 out of my ANZ credit card without me knowing a thing about it until I read my next monthly statement.
I reported it to ANZ who immediately blocked my card, issued another, and refunded my scammed $150. Always read your statements.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 02, 2018

I was had the same issued, that suddenly my CC charge me 671.80 CNY that I never know what is the zimaotong.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 02, 2018

Was fraudulently charged by Zimaotong Beijing CN on 13 Dec 17 for CNY 693.070 or AUD $139.68. Contacted the bank, this transaction was ftptop** something something...doesn't make any sense! I didn't buy anything during that period and always keep receipts for online purchases. Have cancelled my debit card and filed dispute claim. I now check my bank transactions regularly for such fraudulent charges. Be careful everyone!

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 28, 2017

I ordered a pair of Uggs, November 27th, they never came but keep sending emails telling me they are on the way. THIS IS A SCAM!

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 28, 2017

I had the same issue, ZIMAOTONG charged me on the 28th of November a pair of vans trainer...I saw the Website ftom my instagram and I decided to get the trainers, when I was trying to paid something when wrong and apparently they payment was cancelled. Now I receive the trainers but the wrong size and I am trying to contact them but there is not way to reach them, of course they took the money from my account plus I've been charge lately for some car insurance that I don't know where is coming from???????? I contact my bank and they told me is a Fraud. BE CAREFUL

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 27, 2017

Was charged SGD154.71 by this zimaotong on 3 Dec 17. Be careful! Have informed CC Company to terminate card and send a new one. Have also filed for dispute.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 27, 2017

I believe I have been fraudulently charged also. Dec 14 2017

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 22, 2017

I was charged for zimaotong beijing cn on dec 11 2017 for IDR1.498.000.. googling it and found this site. For the people who had some trouble with me, have you ever did the online transaction from china online shop?

Comment from FROM UKRAINE - Posted Dec 07, 2017

November 25, 2017 ordered soccer shoes at for $ 79.00. November 26, 2017 with a credit card was withdrawn 599.99CNY trade and service organization ZIMAOTONG BEIJING CHINA. I wrote to them on email in the hope of getting an intelligible answer, in 4 days I received a letter in which I was informed that this model is not available, choose another model. Realizing that something was wrong, i asked to cancel the order and return the money withdrawn from the credit card. To date (December 7, 2017) after numerous attempts to contact them, I realized that someone is useless. Once again I want to pay attention to the name of the site I can count on help or just forget about it ???

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 07, 2017

I got charged £62.33 by Zimaotong Beijing on 27th November. When i looked at the transaction type it came up saying ELECTRICAL AND SMALL APPLIANCE REPAIR SHOPS. Never bought any electrical stuff - especially not from China! I eventually managed to get my visa card supplier to report it for fraudulent investigation (which means I still might not be paid!). These people have been very clever to charge around black Friday and for small enough amounts in the hope that nobody notices the transaction among all the other ones!

Comment from ANNONYMOUS - Posted Dec 05, 2017

Hi everyone, same thing happened to me. They took £66.04 from my account. Originally the transaction came up as ' FTP*TOPONLINEGUANGDONGCN in pending i contacted my bank and they refunded me and have the police have been involved. Once the payment went through it came up as 'ZIMAOTONG' for automotive parts/ accessories stores. Everyone who is unsure of how to get your money bank just contact your bank and epxlain. This must be a world wise scam/ hack so you will get your money refunded.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 03, 2017

I've just woke up to the same problem - a transaction for 671.86CNY - $152.83NZD on my account from 29/11/17. Didn't manage to catch it while it was still an unauthorised transaction so have had to cancel my card and will be filing a dispute with my bank. Hopefully whoever this is gets caught.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Nov 30, 2017

I've had the same problem, £63.52 from my account today plus £1.27 transaction fee. Has anyone bought anything from recently? That's the only site I've tried to use this bank card on in the last week.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Nov 22, 2017

I also received a charge from zimaotong Beijing. Total amount of fraud £75.85, credit card was blocked by my bank NatWest. Now waiting for a refund from bank.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Nov 21, 2017

My account was debited with 642,37 CNY reffering to the unknown BEIJING ZIMAOTONG. I had to block my bankcard


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