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Comment from SC - Posted Aug 31, 2017

Just keep saying operator to bypass the automated system, no matter what question it asks you. You'll finally get a live person. Be sure to tell them that you want to cancel ALL subscriptions under your name or they will only cancel the magazine associated with the charge you're calling about. You'll just end up having to call back when your next "free" subscription expires and they charge you again. Lastly, don't let them wiggle out of giving you a refund by arguing that the one year subscription is for a shorter period for some magazines because they are weekly issues (e.g. People, US Weekly) so the subscription period expired sooner. Remind them that such language disclaimers need to be conspicuous in their disclosure and cannot, by law, be buried in a bunch of minutia. Finally, even if they promise you a refund, get a confirmation number and still call your bank to dispute the charge. While you're at it, get a new debit card so that they cannot put through any future charges. Worked for me. Good luck!

Comment from CM - Posted Aug 22, 2017

I got a Time subscription for $2 after filling a survey last year. This year when I noticed a charge for $34 on my credit card, I called the number listed and asked them to cancel. They did but did not refund the entire amount. Then a few days later, there were several other charges to Time magazine for $27.87 and $6.63. Pissed off. I don't have time to keep going through their automated system and dealing with this.

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Comment from Anonymous - Posted Aug 16, 2017

Once the automated system identifies you they will try to make a deal sound good by offering you lower price etc. They may tell you your term doesn't qualify you for a full refund or they can cancel and you will not be charged in the future......say no. no. no
you will finally get told they will cancel and issue a refund in 1-2 days and give a reference number. If this does not work I will file a dispute with chase.

Comment from ARLENE HAUBEN - Posted Aug 08, 2017

They give you magazines for completing surveys. For instance, an airline survey after a trip. They send you free magazines and then charge you recurring fees. There is no one to talk to.

Comment from PAUL - Posted Jul 19, 2017

This is a magazine discount price

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jul 18, 2017

Just now notice charge frm people on my credit card that I did not purchase. It was a gift frm AT&T for 4 months....I don't even like it.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jul 18, 2017

Charged with no authority

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jul 17, 2017

I did not authorize payment for a magazine subscription, yet it was charged to my account. When trying to call to cancel subscription, it was all automated and at times very confusing, while trying other options to continue subscriptions.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jul 10, 2017

I never authorized a payment for People magazine and when I called they said I did this on July 4th, and I never did any transactions of any kind on July 4th. Then when I said I wanted the full refund the person on the other line said that I received some magazines already so I can't get a full refund!!!! And that's totally not accurate!! I had a subscription for over 8 years which was completely paid for through another source and magazines I have already gotten say the expiration date is OCT17, so how could I have already gotten magazines from this renewal that I didn't authorize??? Ugghhh, very aggravating! I ended up getting the full refund but was told it would show up within 3 business days. I will never go through ever again, I did for some free subscriptions recently but I never put in any credit card information, so not even sure where they got it from!!

Comment from BRITTNEY D - Posted Jul 09, 2017

Dani M on Jun 3 - I am having the exact same problem. 4 old magazine subscriptions from 2015. I tried cancelling last summer as well with the same problem. I went through the automated system to try and cancel them. I think I was successful with 3/4 because I misunderstood the directions on the first one. I We'll see if any refunds come through! The machine also says that a notice was sent - that has never happened in 2 years. I wish there was someone to talk to - what a scam!

Comment from ANNETTE - Posted Jul 05, 2017

How do I talk to someone? They can't seem to understand me when I'm saying my last name. They want me to enter my credit card # to identify myself. I'm pissed.

Comment from RYU - Posted Jul 03, 2017

It's a charge for a magazine subscription through Time, I signed up for trial issues through BOOKS A MILLION. If you forget to cancel. That's what the charge comes up as

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 27, 2017

Unethical business practice. Seriously TME, find some ethics. For $46 bucks you resort to this type of action.

I'm speechless.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 27, 2017

Not sure about this charge for $3.42 and it was charged without my permission. How could this happen?

Comment from DASHA SPENCER - Posted Jun 09, 2017

I never subscribed to ANY of this. MONEY was tooking out of my account.

Comment from DANI M - Posted Jun 03, 2017

I got 4 automatic renewal charges for magazines ordered during a promotional period ($2.00 per subscription for a service or something we ordered - I can't remember). I called the number provided on my credit card statement and it was an automated system to walk you through whatever action you were trying to take. I went through the process and cancelled the magazines and was told I would be issued refunds within a few business days. One went through fairly quickly but, over a month later, the others haven't shown up yet. I called the number again today to try to get a status and didn't have any luck, so I disputed them through my credit card company. I'm waiting for the disposition of that...

Comment from PRATAP - Posted Jun 01, 2017

I got a discounted magazine offer from some website after I completed a survey somewhere.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 30, 2017

Magazine subscription renewal charges all starting with TME*. I could not find a way to get a full (not partial) refund on their automated system. So I called my credit card company (Chase) dispute dept. They immediately recognized TME as Time Magazine, and said Time has authorized Chase to give full refunds and block further TME charges for any disputes.

Comment from QUESTION - Posted May 28, 2017

I have subscribed "Reader's Digest" for more than 10 years and every year I went to to renew it (about $20). Recently, TME charged $45 from my credit card automatically for the renew. Questions I have
1. I never set up auto-renew method, why did this happen?
2. Why this renew price is much higher than the renew price from"?

Comment from PEI - Posted May 27, 2017

This is a scam ! Never agreed to subscribe to this magazine ! They bought credit numbers probably from a black market, and started charging them without consent !

Comment from DUPED AGAIN - Posted May 25, 2017

I was offered magazines for $2 after I ordered something. If I recall it was through google. I don't recall ever reading it would renew automatically. The $2 was for six months so even if I knew about the automatic renewal I wouldn't remember six months later.

Comment from DENNIS REYNOLDS - Posted May 13, 2017

I want to stop charging these things to our account without any permission. This is a fraud

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 10, 2017

I got the below charges. I never ordered anthing from them.
$43 for TME*92K6PP*ELLEMAG 855-449-8747 NY
$40 for TME*92K6PP*HSEBEAUT 855-449-8747 NY
$38 for TME*92K6PP*COOKLGHT 855-449-8747 NY

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 30, 2017

Yes some one tried to charge to my card

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 25, 2017


Comment from CHENG - Posted Apr 25, 2017

i got the same issue
charged my australian credit card twice (2 different chargers)
i had never sign up for it

should call the police

Comment from SCAM ALERT - Posted Apr 22, 2017

Charge you to cancel but they don't tell you in advance!

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 20, 2017

Called the number and went through the automated service. Chose 1 - Cancel, then I kept saying "no" to the other various refund offers until the voice finally told me that the subscription would be cancelled and I would receive a refund for the "remaining" unsent issues withing the next 1 - 2 business days.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 20, 2017

I also received these "hidden charges". I am planning on calling the number to cancel after work today. The magazine subscription did NOT mention any other charges so I am glad I reviewed my statement before paying for this unannounced charge :(

Comment from LIZZIE CRAWFORD - Posted Apr 05, 2017

I did not sign up for this. I do not want to continue this subscription.

Please let me know what the next steps are.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 31, 2017

I got $49 on my TJ Maxx bill. I never ordered anything from them.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 30, 2017

Took me 14 minutes to go through their automated system to cancel 4 magazine subscriptions and get a refund.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 27, 2017

I called the number listen to all the prompts cancel all the magazines I had and was told that they would refund my money in 1 to 2 business days for each. They give you a list and you have the option to cancel each magazine one at a time and a confirmation number for your reference.

Comment from TEOGENES MEMBREVE - Posted Mar 25, 2017

How dare this company charged my Capitalone Credit card for subscription I did not make. We do not waste our hard-earned money for scams like this. I hope Capital One learns to protect the interest of their customers.

It is a fraudulent transaction.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 13, 2017

looks like all these charges are for some kind of magazine subscription

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 13, 2017


Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 13, 2017

This was for my Men's Health magazine subscription


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