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Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 16, 2019

Re: SQ *GOSQ.COM shows up on my statement as Joseph ********(my city) I've known the owner of the store I did business with for years so no problem with my transaction Its legitimate.... It is a charge from a cell phone of a person who is receiving money (usually outside of a store) that has one of those little squares attached to the cell phone that you slide your charge card through!
Hope this helps someone.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Nov 04, 2018

taxi cab service is DC

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Comment from Anonymous - Posted Oct 31, 2018

It's from a flower merchant at Pike Place Market

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Aug 27, 2018

I was wrong about this charge. It wasn't fraudulant; I just didn't recognize it. Sorry.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 22, 2018

This seems to be a square reader charge for a real estate company in Louisville, Colorado. I live in Canada and have never been to the states in my life, let alone Colorado. Charge was in excess of $200 and no idea how they were able to charge my card. Had my credit card cancelled and will be calling the dispute center to chat about getting a refund. Can't find much info on the company, Arsenault Holdings LLC.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 30, 2018

this outfit showed up on my visa statement?

Comment from MICHAEL H - Posted Mar 18, 2018

This is for 33 Acres Brewing Company Inc. in Vancouver, BC.

Comment from VICTOR - Posted Jul 16, 2017

I was charged $11.59 and 11.60 for a subscription i never received i want to be refunded ....thank you

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 29, 2017

have a $86.75 charge on my credit card. What is this for?

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 20, 2017

this person placed a purchase on my card fraudulent.

Comment from NORIKO NAITO - Posted Jun 16, 2017

On the morning of March 13, I used a taxi payment of 30.94 USD at Austin (omuni Austin to Hyatt Regency Austin). Since I need it in accounting processing, can you send me a receipt? The mail address is norikonishimuranaito @

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 22, 2017

Charges that contains are typically small business that use the card reader to charge your credit card. To lookup an unknown or unrecognized charge on your credit card statement, you may try this site to find what the charge may have been for.


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