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Credit charges reported from ORIENTAL TRADING COMPANY

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 10, 2019

received text message from my credit card company, a charge of $12.17 from OTC BRANDS INC, Fraudulent Transaction. Canceled my credit card at once. Be careful.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 10, 2019

received text message from my credit card company, a charge of $12.17 from OTC BRANDS INC, Fraudulent Transaction. Canceled my credit card at once. Be careful.

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Comment from KEYLA QUINTANA - Posted Oct 22, 2018

This company has charge me some money i send my credit card to the police to check and investigate

Comment from DAR IN TORONTO - Posted Sep 05, 2018

There is a fraudulent debit from my checking account in the amount of $10.61 from OTC BRANDS 7.76_V posted on September 5, 2018. My debit card has been cancelled. Who would want to steal someones credit to shop there???!!?

Comment from ANONYMOUS - Posted Aug 21, 2018

Fraudulent Transaction on two of my credit cards. Advice, cancel your card.

Comment from LOIS MILLER - Posted Aug 12, 2018

I order adjustable glasses 4/27/2019 charge to my credit card $27.96 HAVE NOT RECEIVED THEM REF # 7526586G73SF22GYK LAMICKEYFL@AOL.COM

Comment from CREDIT CARD FRAUD - Posted Aug 07, 2018

OTC Branding, Inc. attempted to charge $9,637.32 to my credit card; bank caught it before it went through as it was much higher than my usual small purchases. I live in suburban Phila.

Comment from YURIMARA - Posted Aug 07, 2018

I received an fraud charged this early morning from OTC Brands Inc. 800-2280475 NE, that I did not.
I called the bank then I blocked my debit card

Comment from BARBARA IN UTAH - Posted Aug 04, 2018

I have a fraudulent transaction on my credit card for $9.75 posted by OTC Brands Inc on 8/3/2018.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Aug 04, 2018

Found some unusual debit card activity connected to this company. The bank has stopped the payment.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Aug 04, 2018

On 8/04/18 there was an attempt to charge:
OTC BRANDS INC $2242.15 Declined Aug 4
This was declined by my bank as a potential fraud.
This was a fraud attempt.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Aug 02, 2018

I had a FRAUDUALANT transaction on my acct on 2/08 from OTC Brands Inc, my bank in Australia notified me to check my acct. It was A$71

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Aug 01, 2018

found a $1500 charge on my credit card today from OTC brands. Lucky it was caught by the CC company and identified as a fraud. Now to change the new card# everywhere! Arg!

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jul 29, 2018

Capital one fraud service caught charges from OTC Brands Inc. They charged $8.24 twice today. Had to freeze and replace card. Good job Capital One. Caught it before I even knew it was there.

Comment from OTC BRANDS INC $1.27 - Posted Jul 27, 2018

My wife credit card card was charged for otc brands inc $1.27 without her authorization this company is a fraud, Please check you bank statement every day

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jul 25, 2018

July 25, 2018
Received notice on my chase card account $1260.84 declined charge from OTC BRANDS INC. Closed account same day.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jul 23, 2018

On 7/22/18 there was an attempt to charge:
OTC BRANDS INC $4248.29 Declined July 22
This was declined by my bank as a potential fraud.
This was a fraud attempt.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jul 21, 2018

Received fraud notice on my chase account from OTC BRANDS INC. for approx. $2500. Closed account immediately. If this incident transcends into an unauthorized purchase and charge, will be filing a criminal complaint with appropriate authorities.

Comment from PEDRO - Posted Jul 21, 2018

I had an unauthorised $/8,7 in my card,by OTC BRNADS INC

Comment from SAM - Posted Jul 14, 2018

I just had an unauthorised $14 payment made by my credit card from OTC BRANDS INC. NE”

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 16, 2018

what do OTC mean??

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 08, 2018

Get in contact with your bank immediately and get any charges against your cards into a dispute. Unless you have actually used the merchant, get into a dispute ASAP. Your bank should be able to help you.

Comment from MOHAMMED - Posted Apr 12, 2018

Hi which company this? i recived three sms transaction from my account how you can chargrd ???

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 18, 2018

I see a false charge on my Canadian CIBC VISA
OTC BRANDS INC 800-2280475, NE 78.94 pending
There are 2 other charges from toy companies.
TOY TOWN TWIN FALLS, ID 109.94 USD @ 1.339639 $147.28
Will contact the bank tomorrow.

Comment from ANONYMOUS - Posted Mar 11, 2018

I was charged too by OTC BRANDS, INC. $9.97 3/11/2018 the charge was pending on my account. I do not know who this company is and what they charge my for! I suggest you cancel your card and suspend your account and go to the bank to get a new one. Since the charge is pending the bank told me I will have to contact them again once the transaction is processed to dispute the charge. I am not happy about this and the only thing since i shop at the same stores online i can think of is possibly amazon which i rarely shop at I removed my card from online and notified them of this.

Comment from PRINCE - Posted Feb 21, 2018

My debit card was debited twice by this merchant. I immediately called my bank to cancel the card. 1 transaction was made on 20th Feb, 2018, 4:54PM and another on 5:42PM on the same day.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 19, 2017

I purchased items from Wish

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 16, 2017

Thanks....I was curious about the charge. Didn't recognize OTC Brands but did purchase from MindWare....phew!

Comment from CHRIS - Posted Nov 27, 2017

I found this charge on my Bank too.......When I checked it out further it was for Toys at "MindWare" that I HAD ordered. PHEW!!

Comment from GAIL - Posted Aug 05, 2017

July 20, 2017 my CHASE account online indicated a debit of $10.97 from OTC BRANDS INC. 800-2280475 NE, and a credit for the same. The bank said it was definitely my debit card number used online. I cancelled the card as it might have been a test from a scammer [not from the vendor] to make sure the card was valid.
OTC Brands has an excellent reputation.

Comment from M - Posted Jul 18, 2017

pulled up my chase bank acct and saw a debit from OTC BRANDS INC and then a credit back for the same amount. I did not make those transaction and immediately closed the acct.

Comment from WG - Posted Jun 26, 2017

This company showed up on my credit card statement for $253.65, what the hell is this?!

Comment from MARY JO LEBEAU - Posted Jun 15, 2017

I am seeking a credit card receipts for a payment which was made around 5-1-17 for the amount of 313.34 with cc ending in 5124. This is a business card with Thunder Valley CDC


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