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Charges on your credit card statement does not always clearly indicate where they were from. Lookup charges that you do not recognize to determine if it was legitimate or not.

Credit charges reported from ORIENTAL TRADING COMPANY

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 19, 2017

I purchased items from Wish

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 16, 2017

Thanks....I was curious about the charge. Didn't recognize OTC Brands but did purchase from MindWare....phew!

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Comment from CHRIS - Posted Nov 27, 2017

I found this charge on my Bank too.......When I checked it out further it was for Toys at "MindWare" that I HAD ordered. PHEW!!

Comment from GAIL - Posted Aug 05, 2017

July 20, 2017 my CHASE account online indicated a debit of $10.97 from OTC BRANDS INC. 800-2280475 NE, and a credit for the same. The bank said it was definitely my debit card number used online. I cancelled the card as it might have been a test from a scammer [not from the vendor] to make sure the card was valid.
OTC Brands has an excellent reputation.

Comment from M - Posted Jul 18, 2017

pulled up my chase bank acct and saw a debit from OTC BRANDS INC and then a credit back for the same amount. I did not make those transaction and immediately closed the acct.

Comment from WG - Posted Jun 26, 2017

This company showed up on my credit card statement for $253.65, what the hell is this?!

Comment from MARY JO LEBEAU - Posted Jun 15, 2017

I am seeking a credit card receipts for a payment which was made around 5-1-17 for the amount of 313.34 with cc ending in 5124. This is a business card with Thunder Valley CDC


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