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Comment from PAT B - Posted May 19, 2019

I did purchase Microsoft Word Office 365.

I want to cancel my monthly bill if $7.41.

Who do I contact to cancel?

Thank you,

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 12, 2019

I just had this exact charge on my card. I believe it is an annual subscription for their Xbox Live (Gold) membership; but I am still trying to validate.

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Comment from GALE ORR - Posted Apr 19, 2019

I am getting charges to my account for 26.49 from Microsoft*Xbox US Bill Info Waus. I am a 63 year old women with no Xbox . Please look into this and stop billing Me.

John And Gale Orr

Comment from KRISTINA BUCHE - Posted Mar 07, 2019




Comment from ELAINE MAROHN - Posted Nov 15, 2018

I tried to download Microsoft Office, it would not download and It would not except the Product Key number I was given. I sent a message and asked for someone to contact me. I have not heard back and just received my statement and have the charge of $160.49. I do not have the product yet. I will be calling the credit card company in the next 24 hours if I don't hear back on this problem

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Nov 13, 2018

I saw this charge on my credit card-Microsoft *store wa, was just wondering what it is?

Comment from BILLBARBKOE@AOL.COM - Posted Oct 22, 2018


I have tried to type in the upper and lower cases plus spacing as accurately as possible. The charge is for $105.99. I would like to know what I bought so that I may enjoy it. Or get credit for it.

Comment from MARIA - Posted Sep 19, 2018

I was hacked by an associate from Microsoft tech support and I had to change all my credit card and banking accounts and I need to talk to someone to change my credit card number for your charges. Please email me at

Comment from MELBA SHED - Posted May 09, 2018

I was charged on my account and I do not even have a Xbox. I need a number to call because I need these charges corrected

Comment from SCOTTIE - Posted Nov 03, 2017

Jus got charged $9 for MICROSOFT * MSBILL anyone no what this is?

Comment from ANONYMOUS - Posted Oct 18, 2017

I am charged $89 annually on my credit card by Microsoft Office. What is this charge for.

Comment from NORMAND MARINEAU - Posted Sep 29, 2017

I was charge $79.33 on sept. 15 (Master card) without any explanation except :
Microsoft office 36 MSBILL.INFO ON. I did not buy any Microsoft item.
I need explanation (preferably in french!).

Comment from LISA - Posted Sep 16, 2017

I was charged $83 from Microsoft *store on. What was I charged for?


Comment from VINCENT NG - Posted Sep 10, 2017

How can I cancel the above mention as I'm using it.

Comment from DICK - Posted Sep 08, 2017

I contacted Microsoft about the issue above and they could explain it to me very well about something I ordered a year ago for my parents. They sent them an email about it and I didn't know that. So I'm reassured and thank you Microsoft for the support! My advice: give also more info on the CC about the product.

Comment from DICK - Posted Sep 02, 2017

Today I had a charge of € 69 on my creditcard under the name of Microsoft Office 36 MSBILL.INFO.IRL and I can't relate it to anything I've been ordering or renewing. Last Year however the same amount of money was charged with the name of Microsoft Store, so using another name. I will try to find out what it means .

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Aug 27, 2017

i have been charged with 69.95 swiss francs.i would like to know to what its correspond.


Comment from Anonymous - Posted Aug 21, 2017

If you want to make cancellation or refund of the alleged unauthorised charge. Go to your nearest bank and make a necessary action. Complaining and commanding in this site for refund doesn't make your money bank.

Comment from PIERRE ROBERGE - Posted Aug 13, 2017

I have been charged $ 405.63 on invoice MSFT E0400446SD on July 15.2017. I would like to know what it is for. Thank you

Comment from DENYSE M - Posted Jul 29, 2017

I too have the same message as "YEZDI"and "Sandra McCartney" from Microsoft as these other people - I have not ordered anything and I have stopped using my credit cad so please cease these transactions immediately and refund the $119.00 dollars.

Comment from KEVIN CONWELL, FIREWISE LTD - Posted Jul 25, 2017

Debit to my credit card on 02 July 2017 €99 with narrative 'MICROSOFT *OFFICE 36 MSBILL.INFO IRL' - what does this relate to????
Please email invoice for same to me at kevin@firewise .ie IMMEDIATELY.

Comment from YEZDI - Posted Jul 16, 2017

Thank you for using Debit Card ending ***** for Rs.4282.22 in MSBILL.INFO at MICROSOFT *OFFICE 365 on 2017-07-16:07:38:57 Avl bal: Rs.6297.65

I find above SMS from my bank. I have not done any PURCHASE.
I need help and REFUND.
please HELP.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jul 12, 2017

I Have a Charge of $119 on the 11 April.17 I do not know what this is for

Comment from IAN - Posted Jul 11, 2017

Just found a $119 debit against my card like the others. Does anyone know how to contact Microsoft?

Comment from SANDRA MCCARTNEY - Posted Jul 07, 2017

Please refund $79.95 charged to credit card 5163190001859728 7 July 2017 as Xbox one was sold 5 July 2017 and live subscription is no longer needed for the coming 12 months - we have cancelled subscription as at today but appreciate if you could return this payment transaction id is 8d73621f-4663-e711-bde7-005056963182
Much appreciation for your assistance

Comment from SANDRA MCCARTNEY - Posted Jul 07, 2017

Please Stop the $10.95 monthly charge that is debited to my MasterCard 5163 2010 3129 7571
Account is no longer required
Last transaction Id ref was 13800956-2955 e711-90c9
Please refund any you can as account was for Xbox 360 which has been sold over 12 months ago - muchly appreciated

Comment from JANETTE REYNAL-O'CONNOR - Posted Jul 04, 2017

I have just reviewed my VISA statement and found a charge of $119 taken from the account on the 4th of July by MICROSOFT *OFFICE 36 MSBILL.INFO AU.
Can you please inform me what the charge is for; no one from my household has purchased this product.
Thank you,
J. Reynal-O'Connor.

Comment from WENDY - Posted Jun 29, 2017

This is FRAUD! Somehow hackers have accessed banking details and are deducting from our accounts! Be AWARE! Be CAREFUL! Contact your bank as soon as you notice anything different!

Comment from GERALD SELBY - Posted Jun 27, 2017

I just registered my visa card to the store and they deducted me an unknown amount,help me out

Comment from VIV - Posted Jun 23, 2017

microsoft *office 36 IRL :
can anyone tell me what the charge of € 10 is for please ?

Comment from KLAVER - Posted Jun 22, 2017

I would like to stop an xbox payment

Comment from SABINE ANTOINE - Posted Jun 22, 2017

Please stop and back my payement 69€ ( 16/5) my PC is KO (03/2017) 5440 5693 7073 5723. Thanks

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 18, 2017

The amount comes up as $6.99 AU, and it has occurred on March 7th & 8th 2017, April 8th & 9th 2017, April 19th 2017 and lastly May 8th & 9th 2017. What are these charges for and how did you get my credit card details?

Comment from AMBER DALEY - Posted Jun 18, 2017

Hello, I have a charge of $119 made on 13 June 2017 to my bank accountI am unaware of. Please advise what this is relevant to.
Amber Daley

Comment from JAVIER RUSSO - Posted Jun 10, 2017

Comment from Spain - Valencia Posted Jun 02, 2017
Please cancel my regular payments for 279 €, on credit card number 5351 2004 9676 9035 Ing Direct.

Comment from MADHUR EVANS - Posted Jun 05, 2017

Charged an amount of 7.04 on my credit card for Microsoft 107aAUDAUDB2B

Can someone tell me what this is for?

Comment from ALEXANE - Posted Jun 05, 2017

Bo jour vous avez charger depuis 2 mois 13.79 sur ma carte de credit! Et je n'ai jamais demander de me le charger j'aimerais avoir un remboursement...

Comment from LOUISE STARR - Posted Jun 02, 2017

Please cancel my regular payments for $12 on credit card number 5217 2952 1719 1174.

I would like confirmation of this not being charged from my account.

Thank you

Louise Starr

Comment from KENNETH G.MYERS - Posted May 23, 2017

For what am I paying when MICROSOFT *MSN 0000 shows up on my credit card bill?


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