Charge Geicon auto macon

You recently charged my card in the amount of $171 and change to make a monthly insurance payment for Logan Penn's car. This was a one time event as a favor to Logan and is not to be used again. Please correct this billing and it is Logan's responsibility to make this payment.


I didn’t order an alert from my bank that a debit was attempted but declined. Merchant listed as CTBILL * hundredcity location 00001, CN. I think my account has been hacked and I immediately notified my bank to stop ant further transaction attempts


Charge GOOGLE *Music

my name is kemis arbab and last 02.03.2017 until 01.04.2017 just for one manth i pay 11 chef for google music , no more google music from 01.04,2017
my nommber 0041763049830 my money back send for ´.


Charge GOOGLE*ADWS8277841545 - Mountain View

Please help!!! I am being charged $50. per months and I am getting no response whatsoever. Please cancel this account. Ella Wise