August 26 2017 ! POS PURCHASE
OPOS 49.95 611 MUSIC.COM 18885

This was just last saturday ??? I was moving into my new apartment and today as is check my online banking that is what exactly my accounts acrivity had for me??? This very scary sruff that professionalizm is excuted here that this kind of transactuion in a million i was pick and rob on internet wooooow??????


Unknown charge from HMWSweetSavings on Mastercard. No such purchase known


I don't know about this charge. Please explain to me so I will understand this charge. Otherwise please cancel the charges. I would appreciate your immediate reply on this matter. I am being biled $4.26 monthly April& May. Please credit back these charges to my account. hank you.


Charge AMAZON DIGITAL SVCS AM 888-482-7820

I'm not sure where this charge came from. Does anyone know?


Charge AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS 440 TERRY AVE AMZN.COM/BILL 840 - Purchase (AXP) w/ Bal Return & AVS

I just got charged $3.78 plus $0.11 international transaction fee. I know it's not much but I'm in Australia and have never used Amazon.


Charge AmazonPrime POSREC 013631 AmazonPrime Members)

this post date 06 12 2917 transaction date 06 12 2017 merchant category book stores purchase method online. I did mot buy anything from a book store. thank you


Charge AMC ONLINE #9640 08884404262 KS 55310207064602609296997

9640 AMC ONLINE 08884404262 KS - I see a similar charge for 59$ i am disputing this.


Dinged me for $43.75. Not my charge. Called Credit Card Fraud Management.


my credit card was hacked stating on 02-aug-2017 for 5125.28 at WEB PURCH (INDIAN TIME)


Charge APL* ITUNES.COM/BILL / 866-712-7753 CA

The fraud department at AMEX denied the dispute as a billing dispute, however, they then approved the dispute as a fraud dispute and returned our funds. The procedure we followed was that we put in a dispute online. After that was denied we went back and attempted to dispute again. We again chose the option about not recognizing the transaction and it said that we had to call and gave the number to call. The nice person put us through to the fraud department. The great news is that we do not have to tell other merchants that we have a new CC. They issued a new card but that will not stop our currently existing automatic payments from being made.