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Charge from CTBill "Lucky Machine

— Jul 11, 2017

“Was supposed to be free samples. Paid
for freight up to Canada. Permission not given to charge ”

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Comment from FRED ALLISON - Posted Jul 11, 2017

Was supposed to be free samples. Paid
for freight up to Canada. Permission not given to charge 122.92 on my card.

Comment from CAROL - Posted Jun 22, 2017

Can anyone tell me the website for this company? My mother has charges on her credit card from them and we need to get it cancelled before they charge again
Thank you

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Comment from CHRIS - Posted Jun 21, 2017

these are trial charges for free samples they mainly have a 14 day policy and if you did not cancel they will charge u for the ``free`` samples thats why the big charge comes up after the smaller ones

Comment from THERESA KALNY - Posted Jun 14, 2017

Two charges to CTBILL "Luckymachine on my last statement were not authorized by me or my husband.
We had no dealings in USDollars for 5.31 and 95.84 which resulted in 7.48 and 132.52 in canadian Dollars on my

Comment from GAYLE BACON - Posted Jun 11, 2017

Permission not given to chstlrge $133.55 to my PC Mastercard


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