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Comment from Anonymous - Posted Feb 27, 2018

Fake account, be carefull. Order placed on 16rh of December via, still nothing received and payment done. Never order on this site!

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Feb 24, 2018

I was alerted by My bank that they declined an attempted $25.00 withdrawal from my bank account by some entity named CTBILL. I immediately reported the card they attempted to use as being “stolen”. First time something like this has happened to me. Very unnerving.

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Comment from BRENDA - Posted Feb 23, 2018

I ordered some faux Pandora charms. I received a email telling me the name of the company I ordered these from... would show up as CT00001 on my checking account. The amount is 57.00. I have not received my order nor will they answer two emails I have sent

Comment from DONNA PARENT - Posted Feb 07, 2018

I bought a red skins jersey and this is who it was paid to need to exchange for larger size but don't know company or how to contact

Comment from DKH - Posted Jan 16, 2018

I just learned they are a company who bills for other internet sites. In our experience the merchandise purchased was advertised at a certain price with free shipping, but they charged 10% more to our credit card.
The Visa representative wasn’t familiar with this company. I had them blocked from any future charges to my card. Visa also offered to recoup the charge for me.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 15, 2018

I received a $ 40.78 worth of invoice from my credit card on behalf of CTBILL * Wedocharity 00001 CN and I have no idea what that is !!
I contacted my bank and they will investigate.
Does anyone have any information on this?

Comment from RICHARD M - Posted Jan 13, 2018

I received a charge on my back account for $39.99. It was billed as Preauth
CTBILL * Tecnomatix 00001 CN.
Does anyone know anything about this?
Does anyone have any contact info for getting a refund?

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 12, 2018

CTBILL *Heath billed my card. I contacted my bank and opened a fraud case. The transaction was reversed.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 08, 2018

I ordered a pair of boots from a week ago I have emailed them twice with no answer the money has gone out of my a.c but still no delivery there is no other way of contacting them on my statement it says CTBILL With a load if numbers have I been scammed

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 02, 2018

I reported this charge to my Amazon Rewards card after I did not receive the products I ordered. Was sent to to make payment with my credit card. I thought I was ordering football jerseys from but it was a scam.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 26, 2017

Did u ever find out anything? I have similar charges on my account that I did not make

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 22, 2017

I ordered 2 pairs of shoes. .never received yet. .how to get my money back? Please I need help. ..

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Nov 10, 2017

It’s a Medicare supplement for United health Insurance company. I never authorized the charge and I’m too young for medicare.

Comment from BRIGHTON JAMES - Posted Nov 06, 2017

My Bank, Halifax has credited me back my CTBILL for £30.23p AND all the Daily small charges that have been leaving my account from 32p to 98p.
When discussing with Halifax Fraud dept person, They looked up who the request came from, and For MY Account it is from a "Dating Site", I HAve NEVER PAID Nor need a Dating Site, and NO-One else Ever has used my Laptop, I Just do not understand HOW they have been able to Get in to my account and withdraw funds.
I Am Lucky.... Web search I see some folk are £100's Down with Larger Daily OD fee's, Which are Also from this company CTBILL.
All I Can Say is:

Comment from BRIGHTON JAMES - Posted Nov 04, 2017

Had this charge on my Halifax Account, £30.90 or $40.91.
Check your account also for Small amounts 50p - 92p Example under Non Std Trans, Currency Exchanges, This is ALL Illegal Transactions on your Account,
Get hold of your BANK immediately, And STOP further transactions, You may find after a couple of withdraws a Very High Withdraw from your Account, Get it Stopped Immediately.
IF YOU SEE .......... CTBILL ON ANY BANK STATEMENT CONTACT YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY.... WITHOUT DELAY...... If you wait, More Foul You if you Loose more money..... Sort it Out. .....

Comment from TOMAS - Posted Oct 27, 2017

Hello everyone!
I have experienced fraudelant from CTBill as all of You. anyone know who they are? any contact information?
How to get money back ?

Comment from ADRIENNE - Posted Oct 25, 2017

This “company” has been fraudulently charging my credit has taken me several days to try to correct this situation. They are elusive, fraudulent, deceitful, and arrogant. They are operating as a bone-fide company.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Oct 16, 2017

CTBILL took 100.12 Euros fro; my account and is a total mystery. Reported as fraud

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Oct 13, 2017

Regularly Charges, not from me. This is a fraudulous Website. Take care of as well. I forwarded a message to the Internet Police of Scotland Yard.

Comment from PETER - Posted Oct 12, 2017

I have received in the last few weeks, credit card charges for various amounts.under $100 AUD. What can be done about this as they list each transaction under the heading of CTBILL * Candyocean and CT BILL * Centryservice.

Yours Sincerely, Peter

Comment from TC - Posted Oct 12, 2017

CTBILL took €95.90 & €1.05 from my account on 2nd & 3rd of October & I have no idea what its for or about ??

How to find these people ?

Comment from WILLIAMWEEKES@GMAIL.COM - Posted Sep 05, 2017

To CTBILL Company
I have recently noticed that your company has been taking money regularly from my bank account without my knowledge or permission. I do not know who you are and why have you taken my money,
Hence kindly refund my money amounting to 344.15€ to my bank VISA DEBIT card number ending with ...4945 and please remove any details of mine from your website.
Following are the transactions from my bank.....
09 Aug 17 Debit Card Charge 0.79
09 Aug 17 USD/53.24/1.176574
09 Aug 17 POS CTBILL *Ente 07/08 1 45.25
11 Jul 17 Debit Card Charge 0.81
11 Jul 17 USD/53.15/1.137871
11 Jul 17 POS CTBILL *Ente 07/07 1 46.71
09 Jun 17 Debit Card Charge 0.83
09 Jun 17 USD/53.17/1.120311
09 Jun 17 POS CTBILL *Mira 07/06 1 47.46
09 May 17 Debit Card Charge 0.84
09 May 17 USD/53.11/1.094825
09 May 17 POS CTBILL *Mira 07/05 1 48.51
11 Apr 17 Debit Card Charge 0.87
11 Apr 17 USD/53.13/1.057945
11 Apr 17 POS CTBILL *Mira 07/04 1 50.22
09 Mar 17 Debit Card Charge 0.88
09 Mar 17 USD/53.13

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Sep 05, 2017

My name is Debra Pritchard and I have received a credit card charge from you of $73.90 which I do not recognise. This amount was charged to my account on Sunday 3rd of September. The merchant name on the transaction is CTBILL Rosedale deco

Comment from VISA USER FROM EUROPE - Posted Aug 18, 2017

CTBILL *Fundtownclub wanted to charge me 40$ but, there was no money on my account at the moment. I assume the scammer are related to where i wanted to buy a book. I changed my limits.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Aug 16, 2017

I went to my bank so that they could cancel my old credit card (so that new charges don't come). Then they made me a new card with a new number immediately and they said they would refund the money and contest the CTBILL charge!

Comment from BEA - Posted Aug 03, 2017


Comment from BEA - Posted Aug 03, 2017

I've been charged from CTBILL Gbsportassist 075541995823 CHN,
USD 88.82//Swiss francs:89.74!!
Why my credit card has been debited with this unknown CTBILL!!I have absolutely nothing to do with CTBILL CHN!!I DON'T HAVE SUBSCRIBEND TO NOTHING!!I HAVEN'T GIVEN NO AUTHORIZATION TO THEM!!

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jul 20, 2017

Charged twice on my card. It is from Silkalike. Free sample but fine print says if you do not say no in 14 days, you will have a lifelong subscription at US$ 95.6

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jul 17, 2017

I want to know why my acount has been debited USD 130,85. For i have not subscribed to nothing, and it's showing up as CTBILL lucky3dmal

Comment from KP - Posted Jul 16, 2017

My cc also charged with miracles3prod, when I chk with my cc team
They're saying it's reg as electronics vendor

Comment from CIRO - Posted Jul 14, 2017

CTBILL *TransMontaigne , me estafaron a mi cuenta en Bankia 39.48 € , es alguien que se mete en las cuentas personales para ROBAR. HABRÁ QUE ACUDIR A LA POLICÍA PARA DESCUBRIR ESTA CUENTAS FANTASMA. Entre mar y tierra pronto la policía dará con el autor o autores de estos ladrones.

Comment from GARRY MCLOUGHLIN - Posted Jul 12, 2017

I want to know why my account has been debited £45.74 for I haven't subscribed to nothing and it's showing up as ctbill cityfunglo?

Comment from FRED ALLISON - Posted Jul 11, 2017

Was supposed to be free samples. Paid
for freight up to Canada. Permission not given to charge 122.92 on my card.

Comment from CATHERINE - Posted Jul 11, 2017

bonjour pouvez vous me renseigné sur ctbill eushopc car il mon prélevé de 3.09euros et de 43.76 euros ce que je n ais pas autorisé et j aimerais etre remboursé donc j aimerais avoir une adresse mail pour les contactés merci

Comment from ANDRA SABINA LUCIANA POP - Posted Jul 10, 2017

Me a hecho un cargo en mi cuenta de unos dinero tengo idea porque ...que pasa aquí ??? ????????

Comment from FLORENTINO ALANIS - Posted Jul 04, 2017

por que aparece en mi resum de targeta de credito con un monto de 42 dolares ctbill trasmontaigne

Comment from TORRES DAVID IVAN - Posted Jul 04, 2017

Me están debitando uss 7.30 que yo no utilizo voy a negar el gasto.

Comment from CARGO IMPROCEDENTE - Posted Jul 01, 2017

Me han pasado un cargo primero de 1.07 euros y luego dia 29/05/17 de 52.25 referente a una compra que yo no he efectuado ni he recibido tomen nota y devuelvan dichos importes

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 29, 2017


Comment from SUE WOLTER - Posted Jun 28, 2017

Please tell me why I am having money deducted each month and receive no goods. My back has been notified.

Sue Wolter

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 28, 2017

Hello there

Can you give me an email address please as I have been charged, on numerous occasions for products that I haven't received. I have informed my bank, these amounts are coming from my credit card in China for *Miracle product shen zhen shi.

You and your subsidiary are not authorised to deduct money from my MasterCard 5163.... .... 7529

Would appreciate someone clearing this up please.

Sue Wolter
email -

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 27, 2017

What is this charge from ctbill luckymachine

Comment from ANA MARÍA GUTIERREZ - Posted Jun 26, 2017

Se ha hecho un cargo sin mi permiso el día 27 de junio por importe de 52,32 euros
Yo no os conozco y no he autorizada pagos a vosotros
Quiero mi dinero o denuncio ante las autoridades competente

Comment from BETTY - Posted Jun 25, 2017

I have been charged $7.35 and $130.74 on my visa for luckymachineo75540498889 and have no idea what it is for..can you help?Thanks Betty

Comment from JULIE - Posted Jun 23, 2017

Charges on my visa didn't have my permission

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 23, 2017

This charge is from Chantelle St. Claire for their products shipped every month after your free sample. To cancel this call 437-800-1075. Good luck!

Comment from CAROL - Posted Jun 22, 2017

Can anyone tell me the website for this company? My mother has charges on her credit card from them and we need to get it cancelled before they charge again
Thank you

Comment from NESTOR DANTE SCARAFONI - Posted Jun 21, 2017

Me hicieron un cobro en mi tarjeta Visa que no realicé de 8.89 dólares

Comment from NESTOR DANTE SCARAFONI - Posted Jun 21, 2017

me hicieron un cobro en la tarjeta Visa de 6.87 dólares que no ralicé

Comment from CHRIS - Posted Jun 21, 2017

these are trial charges for free samples they mainly have a 14 day policy and if you did not cancel they will charge u for the ``free`` samples thats why the big charge comes up after the smaller ones

Comment from S MELTON - Posted Jun 20, 2017

My mother received 3 charges of $31.93 from "Ctbill *Rockwell 8883373496 CN" with 3 smaller charges of $0.63, for what I imagine is a fee for charges that have come Internationally. The credit card statement read "FRGN Trans Fee-CTbill *Rockwell Auto 88". Who is this CTbill, and why are there sooo many different "companies" that they fraudulently charge to such a large volume of people. Who is suppose to watch out for these thieves. I don't know much yet, but hopefully with a little digging, a little time, and some luck I'll get the info on these predatory thieves. If/when I find something I'll update my posting here. We need to educate ourselves, learn about them, and share what we know so others may not have to deal with this crap! If anyone knows ANYTHING, even menial details strung together may give direction. You can e-mail me at

Comment from SID - Posted Jun 20, 2017

80 USD was debited from my account but I have no idea what this sum is for ???? never bought anything from them.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 20, 2017

What does this bill mean

Comment from LOPEZ HORACIO GERMÁN - Posted Jun 18, 2017

Cuanto cuotas tengo que seguir pagando

Comment from RADEK CZ - Posted Jun 18, 2017

Jako muže te mi vysvetlit proc mi zmizelo 644 Kc jako já to chci zpátky

Comment from CONCERNED CHARGED $82.12 - Posted Jun 17, 2017

I was charged $82.12 ....Who is this CTBILL *toexploremore 00001 debit charge ????

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 16, 2017

I never ordered from you guys yet I was charged 73.00 dollars..

Comment from STA-SHA - Posted Jun 15, 2017

I placed an order on April 21st 2017 from and ive yet to receive my order. ive made many complaints and you haven't got back to me yet. please get back to me or i will have no choice but to shut down your website and charge you with fraud

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 15, 2017

What is this bill??

Comment from THERESA KALNY - Posted Jun 14, 2017

Two charges to CTBILL "Luckymachine on my last statement were not authorized by me or my husband.
We had no dealings in USDollars for 5.31 and 95.84 which resulted in 7.48 and 132.52 in canadian Dollars on my

Comment from ANJIE - Posted Jun 14, 2017

I am being charges $129 unknowing to me from Luckymachine. Who the hell is this? This was a total scam. I give authority for $7.56 samples only.

Comment from MICHAL CZ - Posted Jun 14, 2017

To si ze me deláte prdel? Ihned mi vratte 655 kc zpet!!!!!

Comment from ISMAIL - Posted Jun 14, 2017

The same thing happened to me! It's some sick scam! It's something called MaxiSize? I got charged £120.

The bank got a very angry call from me.

It's a sick scam ring your bank as soon as and try get them to block all transactions.

The exact same thing happened to me David Potts.

It's a US company apparently yet their call centre consists of 1 person apparently and is based in Latvia!

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 14, 2017

I paid 93.78 € to buy some dress and i didn´t received it yet, as well.
How we can get our money back?
Have any one an idea?

Comment from GEOFF BROWN - Posted Jun 13, 2017

Have the following charges on my bank statements which I cannot account for. Could you please explain who they are from and stop any future payments.
Ctbill * Williamsonoma for 25.59USD (31/3/2017)
Ctbill *Miracle3dprodu00001 16.39USD (6/4/2017)
Ctbill *Wolseley PLC 36.05USD (29/4/2017)
Ctbill *Miracle3dprodu0001 35.79USD (26/5/2017)

This looks like a scam as I also have similar payments from a Pfa coding. Would very much appreciate your help in this matter. My email address is

regards Geoff Brown

Comment from JAMIE - Posted Jun 11, 2017

I have been charged £65 for something and I don't even know what for as there is nothing brought from me on that date , need to know what I've been charged for ?

Comment from GAYLE BACON - Posted Jun 11, 2017

Permission not given to chstlrge $133.55 to my PC Mastercard

Comment from ALBAHARY FRANCE - Posted Jun 10, 2017

I have on my credit card an unknown Charges ??? For 56,86 USD
CTBILL * Flixult CN 075546153

I'm going to see police !

Comment from ALBAHARY FRANCE - Posted Jun 10, 2017

I have on my credit card an unknown Charges ??? For 56,86 USD
CTBILL * Flixult CN 075546153

I'm going to see police !

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 09, 2017

I have a charge on my credit card for NZ$23.41 what is this for? The refererence numbers are 43728CTBILL *WilliamsCorp 075543243268 CN

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 09, 2017

por favor dar de baja el cobro de este servicio tarjeta de credito, ya que no se pidio ningun servicio a usteded mi dni es 18142207 tarjeta banco santander rio.
gracias skovgaard enrique dni 18142207

Comment from PIERREPELAN@GMAIL.COM - Posted Jun 07, 2017

I have been charged on my credit card of an amount of 28,61€ by ct billwordwildtech. I don't now to which transaction it refers. Only one russian telefon number is given 075542577964.

If it is a suscribtion I ask you to delete it

Comment from DAVID POTTS - Posted Jun 07, 2017

I got billed from CTBILL *Goworldmall today and I don't recognise who it is or where it was from. as it was billed for £110.

could you please let me know who or what CTBILL *Goworldmall is please

David Potts

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 07, 2017

Have charges from these people dating back to February 2017 at least. CC has been cancelled and fraud investigation will commence.
I have no idea who they are or how they got my information, or what they're charging for...

Comment from ENRIQUE - Posted Jun 06, 2017

Hola. Soy de Argentina y están cobrando USD 10,50 mensuales por CTBILL cómo dar la baja a ese débito?

Comment from HÉCTOR - Posted Jun 06, 2017

Como podemos dar de baja esto???CTBILL * WorldHeart

Comment from ENRICO CAVALLO - Posted Jun 05, 2017

"APPROPRIAZIONE indebita di beni" 'puniti dall arte. 646 del Codice penale "" """ quindi adesso io sono Nella Posizione di segnalare Calcola Mediante Esposto alla Procura della Repubblica e di conseguenza alla polizia postale e alla Guardia di Finanza il Vostro operato Avete 24 ore di tempo per rimborsarmi, scaduto racconto lasso di tempo mi attiverò subito per la chiusura del Vostro sito e dell'individuazione di Tutti i Responsabili che ne Fanno parte.
Spero di Essere Stato chiaro a voi la scelta.
Desidero che mi rimborsiate della vostra appropriazione di € 52,20, se così non fosse sarò costretto a, essendo socio di ALTROCONSUMO, denunciarne l'accaduto.

Comment from ESMERALDA - Posted Jun 04, 2017

Hola,necesito saber qua es esto, porq me ham cobrado un dinero si yo no he comprado nada para eso? Necesito que me respondan por favor.

Comment from STEVE - Posted Jun 03, 2017

Have a charge that says ctbill*visible been charging me 39.99 a month and have no idea who this is. Anyone have any idea what this is?

Comment from STUDENT - Posted Jun 03, 2017

CTBILL *miraclemmjmall. So I have no clue who you are, and i hope you are willing to stop taking my money from my bank account it is second month when you take away from me 45€ so you give me my money back, or i will try to find a way how i can get back my money, and if i will you might pay even more.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 02, 2017

Who is CTBILL Miracleonline?

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 02, 2017

I have a charge from CTBILL Miracleonline. My bank is querying it. Who are these people

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jun 02, 2017

Who is Miracleonline?

Comment from DISSAPOINTED CUSTOMER - Posted Jun 02, 2017

I purchased a pair of jeans from you in march and have not received them. you took the money out of my account very quickly. Please respond so I can obtain a refund.

Comment from DARWAZEH.MOHAMED@YAHOO.COM - Posted May 31, 2017

I paid 445 Euro to buy one par Sport shoes since 10/05/2017 and i did'nt receive it yet??
The shopping Web site is , and my Mony transfer to Ctbill maxshopping??

Is any one have the same problem? I want my Mony back!!

Comment from JAMIE - Posted May 30, 2017

I have a charge from CTBILL *Aboutique this company is working with fraudulent online venders US Freemax.

Comment from BLARE00 - Posted May 29, 2017

I have just received a charge from "CTBILL *excitingtour/shen zhen shi" that i have no idea at all what and why. Please let me know if anyone know something about this website.

Comment from BETH NEVEU - Posted May 29, 2017

I ordered some cream back in April and was charged $7.39 plus $7.44 then in May 12th you took out $135.14 this was not authurized out of my bank account I would like my $135.14 put back into my account, and also I did not receive any cream, was sent a tracking number that I could track. The account for this order is 7132070971359573. My email is


Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 29, 2017

Want my $133.55 back on mastercard

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 28, 2017

It is accurate because it is on my MasterCard.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 28, 2017

reference number for transaction on PC credit card MasterCard is #75346757141900248932081 please remove amount from my credit card for May 20, 2017 transaction asap. Thank you.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 26, 2017

Hola buenas no he mi nombre es Robert Tello. ...Y me están cobrando un servicio que yo nunca pedí... asia mi persona ....en mi cuenta bancaria.

Comment from MANUEL PEDRO OLIVERA - Posted May 26, 2017

Quiero saber porque me están debitando de mi tarjeta de credito un importe en dolares si no he hecho ninguna suscripción con uds. Encima todos los meses aumenta y en dolares. Quiero que me contesten o de lo contrario hago una demanda judicial o en defensa del consumidor.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 26, 2017

Charges against my credit card not given permission. Please remove $133.55 from May 20/17

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 23, 2017

Miraclemmjmall 0755........ Fraudulent billing on credit cards

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 23, 2017

Was charged fraudulently for 4 months. Credit card company reimbursed 2 of the 3 payments made. Always for same bill , i.e. Ctbill*miraclemmjmall 075540415726cn

Comment from CAROLINE AUS - Posted May 22, 2017

Never completed the transaction for this site when I realised there would be an ongoing charge but still being charged for the product which has also been delivered

Comment from ARCHIE - Posted May 20, 2017

What is this for?

Process Date: 21/04/2017
Amount: -77.84
Description: CTBILL *Miracleonline 075540249400 CN PURCHASES Transaction Date: 19/04/2017
Foreign Currency: 53.11 USD FOREIGN CURRENCY FEE $ 1.89 NZD INCLUDED

Comment from FOURNIER - Posted May 20, 2017

Débit sur carte bancaire sans achat? Frauduleux par CTBILlGloblmmallassi Shenzhen Zheng shi gua...please! S.o.S

Comment from MATHIAS - Posted May 19, 2017

Does anyone, ANYONE, know what or who the f--k this is, &/or how to stop these f--king chargers??! My optimism hearing from someone out there on the world wide web is pretty much non existent!!....A reply from that someone WITH THE RIGHT INFO TO CORRECT THE SITUATION FOR GOOD, even less!!
BUT.......I wouldn't be reaching out for some help to rid this sh-t if I had no faith left in me! I don't recognise these charges so someone's f--king with my cash, & personal details, so I'm f--king pissed! A lot!!
Please help! ANYONE!!

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 18, 2017

Just saw this on my latest bill – CTBILL9. My credit card company says it's from China. I don't buy anything from China, all they make is junk. The telephone number doesn't even work!

Comment from RENATA MARTINSSON - Posted May 17, 2017

Please I don't Know ho you are but please don't draw more money from My account or i Will contact the police. I see money was drawn from My account on the 8:th of march and 13th: of march. I'm sorry about My poor eng. Good dag. Renata Martinsson.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 16, 2017

Dont send payments to this merchant its a scam, no goods are ever sent

Comment from ANDRIS - Posted May 14, 2017

Why in my statement showing that you charg me 41 Gb for what ??

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 13, 2017

They offer software to unlock an iCloud lock on an iPhone. When you pay, you are directed to another web site that has legal software available on Apple's site. The billed me $2.00 plus an international fee then a couple days later they billed my card $42.90. I called the bank disputed the charge,blocked them, cancelled my card. BTW there is no way to unlock an iCloud locked phone!

Comment from CTBILL *STEINMART 00001 CN 68.72 - Posted May 11, 2017

CTBILL *SteinMart 00001 CN 68.72

Comment from 12 - Posted May 11, 2017

"CTBill*Stilwell" hat bei mir als Zahlungsdienstleister die Buchung von meiner Kreditkarte vorgenommen.
Scheint vergleichbar mit payolution GmbH, Am Euro Platz 2, 1120 Wien

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 11, 2017


Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 10, 2017

on devait me débiter 2euros pour recevoir un soit disant iPhone et on me débite 2euro 98 plus 94,90 euro .Vous t'es des arnaqueurs . Veuillez me deshabonner si c'est un abonnement. Vous pouvez me joindre à : En français s'il vous plaît

Comment from ADRIANA - Posted May 09, 2017


Comment from WOLF - Posted May 09, 2017

Guten Tag,
angeblich habe ich was bei CTBILL bestellt aber ich weiß nicht was.....wie komme ich an die Firma ran

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 09, 2017

You have withdraw Money from my account april 30. 2017.
My account is: 4571618201393204. I need to know why?


Comment from ELIZABETH ARTES - Posted May 08, 2017

I bought what suppose to be an original Coach purse, I paid $ 108.30 Canadian dollars for a fake, plastic ugly imitation of a Coach purse. I need my money back.. how can I reach the merchant? I do not have a telephone number or email address for them. The code of my purchase is BCAR5582
Any information you have I really appreciate it!


Elizabeth Artes

Comment from MAREK HANC - Posted May 07, 2017

You charge me 53,11 USD, for what?
You , I mean CT BILL Miraclemmjmall ?
If it is not You than I am sorry.
Looking forward to your quick responce .
Thank you in advance.
my email address ;

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 07, 2017

Did you get your shoes?

Comment from LUIGI - Posted May 06, 2017

Bonjour , je voudrais avoir une explication sur les retraits subit sur ma carte mastercard , ainsi que pouvoir annuler ces retrait
merci d'avance

Comment from AMGAD ZAKI - Posted May 05, 2017

You take money from my master card on May 4th with 123.84 CAD and May 05th with116.67, Iam not order anything from you,
My cell +1 5195036230
My email is

please i need your feedback ASAP,


Comment from PERI SCHÄFER - Posted May 03, 2017

You charged about 50 Euro - why?


Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 03, 2017

I am getting charged monthly for this and have no idea what it is for?

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 03, 2017

Moi aussi j'ai commandé une paire de chaussure sur un site qui s'appelle qui m'a coûté 77,76 euros mais ils ont prélevés 82,67 euros, est ce une arnaque ? Svp aidez moi

Comment from BRITT - Posted May 03, 2017

Hi, what have I bought from you?
Britt Backman

Comment from DESI - Posted May 03, 2017

Yo tambien teno
Esto porque

Comment from VINCE - Posted May 03, 2017

I also have 3 charges on my statement. I just don't know them...

• 18/04/17 CTBILL *Miraclemmjmall 075540415726 (CN) 0.53 USD + 0,50 EUR
• 18/04/17 CTBILL *Miraclemmjmall 075540415726 (CN) 53.10 USD - 50,41 EUR
• 13/04/17 CTBILL *Miraclemmjmall 075540415726 (CN) 0.53 USD - 0,51 EUR

Comment from JOANN FARAH MC GRATH - Posted May 02, 2017

Ordered pandora charms on April 17. Have not received you. What's going on

Comment from MELANIE - Posted May 02, 2017

I have a charge for $53 that came out of my bank account from your company but I'm unsure what's it's for , can u please tell me what the charge is for ?

Comment from MELANIE - Posted May 02, 2017

I have a charge for $53 that came out of my bank account from your company but I'm unsure what's it's for , can u please tell me what the charge is for ?

Comment from MOHSEN SADATI - Posted May 01, 2017

I ordered clothes but i have not heard more from store.
Order # : 1492155815154789-530
Please let me know what happened?

Comment from MOHSEN - Posted May 01, 2017

I ordered but i have not received my order yet.

Comment from HEIDI KRISTENSEN - Posted Apr 30, 2017

You have charge me for 369kr. What is that for ? Because i have not bought enything!?

Comment from LIRAN - Posted Apr 30, 2017

I have a charge on the 12.4 of 102.07$
what is it for? please write me back

Comment from PETER - Posted Apr 29, 2017

Yes - I purchased a jacket in sterling using a visa card and my card was debited in USD $240.02 concerted to sterling £198.79.I received a jacket totally different to my order which I do not want. I ordered 4 items in total, at extremely low prices, from "", the other three were charged through "MAS*CZHTONG(BJ) CORP,SHANGHAI", two in euros and one in CNY ? I did receive 4 items but all completely different to what I ordered. I have requested a chargeback through my bank.
It's true what they say - if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 29, 2017



Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 28, 2017

Company looked like a UK based nike outlet. when items came they were knock-offs. FAKE FAKE FAKE

Comment from TIM - Posted Apr 28, 2017

Where is my order???

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 28, 2017

Me están realizando un cobro en la tarjeta con esta dirección en (dolares) U$S.
Y jamas realize un gasto en esa fecha fuera de mi pais

Comment from SSNDRA - Posted Apr 27, 2017

Ustedes se cobraron de mi cuenta 52 dolares pro in pedido pandora y nadie response a mi shipping

Comment from N CORMICK - Posted Apr 26, 2017

This has come up on my account and don't know who they are going to bank for refund

Comment from ZULFKAR ALI - Posted Apr 26, 2017

You take money my master card Mar 31 90.27 usd and Apr 03 84.93usd way take my card this money Iam not order my call 416 452 3335 and my emill I'd give me answers rightway please ??

Comment from RABAH - Posted Apr 26, 2017

Je me suis fait arnaquer pour 121 fr pas de commande.

Comment from JOSELUIS - Posted Apr 24, 2017

Me han hecho un cargo en mi cuenta sin haber comprado nada como puede ser esto

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 22, 2017

chaged me 3 times in a row and I dont know a thing about the charge.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 21, 2017

I have a debit from Ct bill sunday comm. What is it???

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 21, 2017

Yep, ordered a pair of shoes from a site that appeared to be in the UK. Received a totally different style of shoe (very cheap) sent from China. Will not respond to emails. Total scam and fraud.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 21, 2017

I was also charged from CTBILL PLAYHIGHEST in April 8th 254 CHF, also nothing I have authorized.

Comment from JB - Posted Apr 21, 2017

Unauthorised charge of $45.82

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 20, 2017 is another fraudulent web site.

They sent me cheap Chinese Nike knockoffs instead of the shoes that I ordered. They can only be contacted by email and rarely respond.

Comment from FELIX - Posted Apr 20, 2017

Noticed a charge on my credit card what is it for

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 20, 2017

I have a charge on my statement from these people/company but have not purchased anything or no who they are?

Comment from JULIETTE LEE - Posted Apr 19, 2017

What the hell you are doing? How come I place an order from England and received things from China?? And they sent me fake shoes? Scammer!

Comment from DONATELLA - Posted Apr 19, 2017

Me too i the same problem.CT bill always charges me every day 1 euro. I see my money goes down every day and they even took me 52 euros. What is this? I want an answer and a refund. That money is all i had in my card because i dont work and that is the money from the Gouvernment for my children. Its serious.

Comment from DONATELLA - Posted Apr 19, 2017

Me too i the same problem.CT bill always charges me every day 1 euro. I see my money goes down every day and they even took me 52 euros. What is this? I want an answer and a refund. That money is all i had in my card because i dont work and that is the money from the Gouvernment for my children. Its serious.

Comment from YADIRA TEJADA - Posted Apr 19, 2017

I order some clothe but I put the wrong address how can I change

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 19, 2017

I have a charge on my account from CT bill and have NO idea what is it has anyone else found out???

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 19, 2017

I have reported you for fraud!!!!

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 18, 2017

Me too. I have reported it as fraud too. Don't know whether I will get it back yet.

Comment from MIRABEAU NGAMBA - Posted Apr 18, 2017

I purchased many clothes and you don't given me many information concerning your store the tracking number and how I gonna receive my items.
ID 1492155815154789-1195
Amount $106
Date 4/18/17
I hope to receive the feedback

Comment from SOPHIE LU - Posted Apr 18, 2017

I never made any purchase, but my credit card been charged with below:
16 April 2017, USD53.18
17 April 2017, USD0.53
Please kindly help to investigate.
I am worried someone stolen my credit and use it for this on line purchase.
Can you please check and confirm back with the purchase details?
Thank you very much!
Sincerely yours,

Comment from OUCH.... - Posted Apr 18, 2017

Didn't order any thing... got charged £72.00 told my bank straight away.....

Comment from EMMANUEL GABRIEL - Posted Apr 17, 2017

Is sont 123,87$ CAD sur ma carte débit rembourse moi svp

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 17, 2017

I order some shoes from this place. They have ads on face book. Have anyone ever order from here. Is this scam

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 17, 2017

Hi, anyone had charge from this?
I live in Sweden.
I bought shoes from for 62 GBP. They charged me instead of 88,71 USD which is considerably more (aboiut 72 GBP).
Is this a scam?
Will I get my shoes?
Anyone knows about the company?

Comment from PIERRE TREMBLAY - Posted Apr 16, 2017


Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 15, 2017

$108 I need answers, How do I get my money back?

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 14, 2017

They took 210$ what's this ????????????

Comment from FEWG - Posted Apr 13, 2017

MY son doesn't recall what this charge is for.

CTBill JM Health Services

Comment from ELENA.BOVO62@GMAIL.COM - Posted Apr 13, 2017

from this CTBILL someone have take money from my account, please can help me to return??

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 12, 2017

i got charged for something i never did the day i got money 91 dolors i need to pay board with now i want my money back

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 12, 2017

I registered to download software with temporary membership of US$1.99. Three days later, they automatically charged me US$102 and converted my membership to one-year term. I sent them a note to cancel my membership on the third day, they said it should have been done before 3rd day. I contacted them several times with email, they said the membership was cancelled and there would be no more charges. But they are not confirming to reverse charges on my credit card. No phone number to reach them... Is this a scam????

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 12, 2017

Yes! I placed an order THEN did some research and found that they are a fake company. Not sure how to get my money back. :(

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 11, 2017

I bought a pair of shoes on 3/18 but received nothing as of today!

Comment from BROOKE - Posted Apr 11, 2017

I purchased a yeti cup March 12 ,2017 and still haven't received it , it was the pink camo yeti cup, I have proof that I bought it and everything just no conf. number or no email that was suppose to be sent .

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 11, 2017

They did the same thing to me for a pair of shoes for $66.91...stay away!!

Comment from RAFFY - Posted Apr 11, 2017

Domani partirà la denuncia... Grazie x avermi fatto perdere tempo. Criminali

Comment from LAURA LUOSTARINEN FINLAND - Posted Apr 10, 2017

This company charged me via VISA 129 dollars, though I had never ordered anything from them. This is a fake criminal company, which keeps numerous fake website shops globally, and they send fault orders from china. I ordered mine from website, got never any confirmation in my email, received this stupid fake packet with value 10 euros for customs. -site is now closed and a new cameleont website opened under .uk. Beware of these chinese cheap trading criminals, they can hit you anywhere!

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 10, 2017

Ordered Adidas trainers OurShop
Charge came from CTBill*SpecOriprofit £82.86
Been sent a pair of fake Nike tanjun trainers, wasting my time trying to get them to take them back, keep getting ignored. Complete scam, trainers also from China.

Comment from ROBERTO - Posted Apr 10, 2017

Sono derubato dalla mia Postepay di €177,40vorrei sapere dove sono andati facendo lista movimento mi viene pagamento on,line ctbill SNEETDEALONLIN SKENZKEN CN N.633206 vorrei sapere Chi Siete E come avete a prelevare attendo vostra risposta altrimenti vi denunciò

Comment from GUILLERMO PATTERSON M - Posted Apr 08, 2017

Have no knowledge or memory of authorizaton from this Company to charge me 53.09/53.13 on a monthly basis.

Comment from KYMBERLI SHERWOOD - Posted Apr 07, 2017

I received a charge for $257.30 and still don't know why. I called the company and haven't heard anything back About the investigation

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 06, 2017

I just got a charge on my account $156 and then hit 2 more times from somewhere in China. My bank is already investigating this .

Comment from GEORGE - Posted Apr 06, 2017

I am also waiting on an item, is anyone else having problems?

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 06, 2017

Tradewindcomm is a fraud firm.... They take the money... and then nothing happens with your purchase....
The Shop Internet had the name thucom for shoes

Comment from KAREN - Posted Apr 06, 2017

Hi i purschased some trainers from
BUYENK.UK.COM then recieved a bill from CTBILL*JMHealth Service who actually charged and extra £5 for my goods....Is this a scam sight?

Comment from BERENICE LOZANO - Posted Apr 05, 2017

You guy's charge me $431.24 from my Banck Account 2/25/17 regarding a purshes of Michaels kors bags and that web page thay haven't send me nothing and is been more than 10 days and i haven't receive nothing thats a fraud please a need to speak with some one my nunber 310 9179862 please call me.

Comment from ANONYMOUS - Posted Apr 05, 2017

Never get my shirt et can't get my money back

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 04, 2017

what are these charges for

Comment from ESTHER NYOTA - Posted Apr 04, 2017

I don't understand i want my monye back I want to stop payments
What can I do please help me thanks

Comment from ALLISON - Posted Apr 03, 2017

I ordered a pair of shoes from the UK online, and the charge showed up as CTBILL *Seven Seas Pet / 075554802925. I received an email from the seller confirming that this charge was correct, so I wasn't concerned.
However, when I received the shoes, they were the wrong pair, and now the company is only offering me a 20% refund. The shoes also smelled of mildew, and they came from China. I am pretty certain they are not even authentic New Balance shoes.

Comment from CLAUDIO RUAU - Posted Apr 02, 2017

De qué es este cargo desde que empresa se me está cargando gracias

Comment from LUCAS PITZER - Posted Apr 01, 2017

I have paid with my bankcard and dont have paid anything with the credit card. Hope I will get my 90$ back. Big bullshit what you are doing with people??

Comment from RANDI THIIM - Posted Mar 30, 2017

I have paid for a trenchcoat that i have ordered but have become a total different one. Now they don't answer any of my mails and I can't where the jacket they have sent me instead. What can i do? The homepage that i have used is so i was sure that it was from Denmark but i have got the package directly from China with a total different jacket
Randi Thiim Denmark

Comment from JOHNNY FROM SAN DIEGO - Posted Mar 29, 2017

funny because I purchased a pair of shoes through a website wich I thought was in the states for $77.99 and ended up being charged $90 from a company called "TRADEWINDCOMM* Seems sketchy to me

Comment from C B HARMON - Posted Mar 28, 2017

Hello, I just saw that there was a $170.34 US DOLLAR charge on my credit card and was hoping that you could tell me what this charge was for.
I do not recall charging anything of this amount.

Many Thanks in advance.
Chris Harmon

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 28, 2017

Ztestelec took unauthorised payments from my bank account on the same date for the past 3 months which this month put my account overdrawn. No idea who they are, never purchased from them and fuming that it's happened! Thankfully I reported it as fraud and they have refunded me and reported it t the police.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 28, 2017

This is a scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE or the website

Comment from MARIA - Posted Mar 26, 2017

Does anyone Know how to find someone responsible?
A Company?
I´ve been charged lots of Money, lots of times!!

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 24, 2017

I also purchase a purse march 5, still nothing came .informed my bank they are investigating my 147.00 charge plus a international charge as well.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 23, 2017

Ctbill*Glob charged me $93, without my knowledge
How do they know my card details!
How can they charge like this?
It was my hard earned money.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 22, 2017

My husband ordered the NCAA div 1 wrestling finals. They billed us $53.00 + and I thought it was $ 33.00. But when it shows up on your account statement and you want to go in and cancel and make sure they don't continue to charge you for a long running subscription to a sports channel---they give you a 0-755 phone # that Verizon won't even recognize. No way to cancel??

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 20, 2017

I had a charge for 188.34 charged to my credit card.. What is CTBILL *smartiresyst??? What company are they? They even had a foreign charge included!

Comment from MARIA PEREYRA - Posted Mar 20, 2017

CTBILL *TradeWindComm 075547817233
no me ha llegado mi pedido
Has my purse been shipped?

Comment from CRYSTAL A - Posted Mar 19, 2017

Purchased a michael kor purse online back on march 6 , an now it has been 2 weeks tomorrow .. Now i want to know where is my purse that i purchase or do i have to get someone else involve in this .

Comment from BJ - Posted Mar 17, 2017


Comment from Anonymous - Posted Mar 17, 2017

Charges containing "CTBILL" is a microcharge typically from a foreign country and should be considered HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS. If you are unsure of the source of this charge, please contact your credit card company for further assistance


The information found on this website is provided freely and anonymously by our users at their own discretion. We do not verify or guarantee any of the information to be accurate in any way. Please be prudent when using this information to make any financial decisions.