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Comment from OBELCZ - Posted Oct 23, 2018

Caught a fraudulent charge tonight for over $500.00. Glad to have found this site. Have no account with this business and haven’t been to the movies lately

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Oct 03, 2018

Fraudulently charged $21.67 for 9640 AMC online. My bank also reported it was an "in-person" transaction, manually keyed in. Not sure how a legit charge could be online and in-person so that's your first giveaway...

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Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jul 08, 2018

I received a fraudulent charge on my card for AMC 9640 - $21 and change - card was clean with no balance owing, as I had not used it in over a year. Credit card company alerted me and I was not liable for the charge.

Comment from SANDY - Posted Jun 23, 2018

I was fraudulently charged 85.36. Luckily I received a fraud alert from the credit card company and was able to cancel my card.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 01, 2018

We were charged on 4/9/18 10.14 for something we do not know for what but it has been reported to our bank to the fraud line

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 30, 2018

charged me on -1/14/2018 for two tickets $13.49 and $15.00 I have reported it to my credit card's fraud line

Comment from SUE R - Posted Jan 21, 2018

Charged me $64.96 for tickets on Xmas Day when I was not even on line and/or wanting to go to a movie. Then credited my account for $57.96 six days later leaving me a $7.00 charge for something I never bought.

Beware AMC on line!!!!! Their website obviously has many problems!!!!!

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 05, 2017

$88.50 here. Potentially linked to me having a MoviePass card?

In any case, absolutely did not spend this money on this account at AMC theaters.

Comment from WHYME! - Posted Sep 01, 2017

Dinged me for $43.75. Not my charge. Called Credit Card Fraud Management.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Aug 29, 2017

The amount charged (16.46) matches with buying tickets online but it was charged a day later (applied two days later) than when the actual purchase was made. If you did not make a purchase with AMC movie theaters, your card was either stolen or used through skimmed information.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Aug 08, 2017

I have credit card changes of over $100 from AMC ONLINE # 9640 Leawood, KS on my account. All in July and August.

Call to cancel my credit card and then called Stubbs....who said there were no charges on my account. Stubbs very unhelpful. Credit card company fine. It's a huge nuisance getting a new credit card.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jul 27, 2017

dinged me 187 bucks never heard of them before

Comment from SHERRY RAY-VON - Posted Jun 03, 2017

none of these are my charges. What is going on here.

Dec 8 AMC ONLINE #9640 888-440-4262 KS 81.28
AMC ONLINE %239640 888-440-4262 KS
AMC ONLINE #9640 888-440-4262 KS

Comment from SHERRY R - Posted Jun 03, 2017

I have a charge as well from AMC and did not buy tickets for a movie or 2 in this case 29.98
03/13/2017 AMC ONLINE #9640 08884404262 KS $29.98
Id like to know who"s going to the movies on my dollar .

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 28, 2017

Just had the same problem. $50.64, I called my credit card company.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 16, 2017

I was charged $165 - WTF!!!!

Comment from LMW - Posted May 16, 2017

We were charged $154.90 by this same number and have disputed the charge as well.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 22, 2017

I called AMC to find out what this charge was. They said they do not have monthly recurring charges - only an annual fee for the premier membership. I called my credit card company and disputed the charge.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 21, 2017

I was charged $102.06 Fraud.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 21, 2017

i was just charged 42.98 for the SAME THING. WHAT THE HELL

Comment from TRACEY RADITZ - Posted Apr 19, 2017

i am calling my bank in the am to let them know i did not buy any think from you put my money back now.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 18, 2017

I was charged 80 dollars FRAUD

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Feb 07, 2017

received a fraudulent charge on 12/19/2016 $ 56.25 in Hou TX nowhere near KS

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Feb 07, 2017

Received 2 charges from AMC online almost $300

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 30, 2017

Received fraudulent charges of $74.93
from this merchant

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 25, 2017

Received charge on my credit card in Australia from this merchant. No idea what was purchased.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Jan 23, 2017

AMC ONLINE #9640 888-440-4262 KS___ Received fraudulent charge from this merchant.


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