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Credit charges reported from AMAZON MARKETPLACE

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Aug 24, 2018

Would be nice to see name of item purchased

Comment from SAMME MCKAIN - Posted Feb 12, 2018

We buy a lot from Amazon and Kindle, prime. I want to see a bill, itemized.

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Comment from HARRIET MCCOMBS - Posted Feb 07, 2018

Get theses charges every month on my Discover card. I'm still trying to get an answer from them. No one seems to know what this is. I guess stop buying from Amazon.

Comment from TOM - Posted Aug 21, 2017

I just got charged $3.78 plus $0.11 international transaction fee. I know it's not much but I'm in Australia and have never used Amazon.

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Aug 21, 2017

I paid 106.18 amazon prime for one year and for two months now has taken out 11.79 for Alexis monthly fee. How do I resolve this. Every time I call 1-888-229-6124. They hang up on me when I tell them I do not have a laptop. Help me please or I will get a lawyer on this or turn to channel2

Comment from NANCY SISSON - Posted Jul 12, 2017

Have a bill for159.00 on my chase card wondering what the charge was for?

Comment from JUDY PERRIN - Posted Jun 19, 2017

I recieved CHASE statement 4147 4001 9219 7687 amount of $125.58 , I do not have a CHASE c/c and have never had.This bill belongs to some one else. please remove. Thank you.

Comment from KAREN KAVANAGH - Posted Jun 05, 2017

what is this charge?

Comment from ABDURRAHMAN SYKES - Posted May 24, 2017

May 20, I purchased a Netgear AC1200 High Gain WiFi USB Adapter. It arrived in yesterday's mail. When I was registering the product, I was told that it was not new and that it was manufactured in October, 2014. They wanted to know who I purchased it from and they wanted proof of purchase. I would like to find out what my options are and make sure Amazon knows that this merchant is selling outdated products. Can I get a refund and where do I return the product? The info on my credit card is as follows: Hide details about this transaction AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS
This transaction posted on May 21, 2017
Additional merchant and transaction information
AMZN.COM/BILL, WA 981090000 US
Online, Mail, or Telephone transaction

Comment from DEAN GOCHE - Posted May 23, 2017

Please tell me what I ordered from you that I was charged $41.98 for on my credit card. My e-mail address is

Comment from SANDRA WILDERMUTH - Posted May 22, 2017

Please tell me what I ordered from you that I was charged 19.97 twice on my credit email

Comment from TERESA SPARKS - Posted May 15, 2017

There was a charge of 109.94 on my credit card. Can you tell me what that was for?

Comment from SHIRLEY WILSON - Posted May 12, 2017


Comment from Anonymous - Posted May 12, 2017

I was charged $102.00 on 04/29 I haven't a clue what it is for.

Comment from BARBARA BUSH - Posted Apr 23, 2017

I have received a bill for 29.99 and one for 19.99 and another one for 19.99 would like to know what they are for my e mail is abb1486 thanks

Comment from BARBARA BUSH - Posted Apr 23, 2017

I have received a bill for 29.99 and one for 19.99 and another one for 19.99 would like to know what they are for my e mail is abb1486 thanks

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 20, 2017

clare, a Light in the Garden is a bookI ordered in March for $10.00. On my bill I was charged15.97

Comment from Anonymous - Posted Apr 20, 2017

I am trying to find out information on a charge to my card
What information do you need

Comment from BARBARA GIGLIOTTI - Posted Apr 19, 2017

I have a lot of Amazon Marketplace payments on my, Bill and I would like to know what they are

Comment from KATHLEEN PADILLA - Posted Apr 19, 2017

My credit card was compromised. Please change ny billing info. Phone 4402230011

Comment from JANUS FANNING - Posted Apr 18, 2017

Why did you charge me 9.99 ?

Comment from MICHAEL TRENT - Posted Apr 12, 2017 I have been charged $39.99 and $15.40 and $34.40. Do not know what these charges are for. What ever I would like a refund and cancel any thing I'm in.

Comment from BLANCA VILLA - Posted Apr 10, 2017

I have charge $20.46 ????what this is for?
I need my returns $$$please

Comment from MARY MUIR - Posted Apr 08, 2017

What is this Mystery charge on my VISA charge card?

Thank you. Mary Muir. (703) 723-9840

Lansdowne, VA 20176

Comment from REX HALE - Posted Apr 07, 2017

What is this charge $126.98

Comment from I.KHACHIDZE.A@GMAIL.COM - Posted Apr 04, 2017

I have a problem, I hope that you will be able to help me.
I didn't ordering this product, but today i received message that my credit card was charged by "AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS>AMAZON.COM". (by 18.20 GEL)
How can i to take back my money?

Comment from M SPEERSTRA CRUTS - Posted Mar 31, 2017

I got 3 bills of my credicard and i did not order something.i even dont know your site. amount of 20.40 21.74 and 15.79 euros.thats a lot of money of something i dont know about

Comment from SUSANTHA S WIJESINGHE - Posted Jan 30, 2017

I purchased a 12"x15" Pet bed Warmer, vide Order#116-4079257-5851426, for $34.94.
I returned the item with your approval, Tracking ID;-1Z3Y51832624301051. I have not received a refund as yet, back onto my card. I have written many complaints to AMAZON.COM, but they seem to ignore. DISGUSTING. I have all your emails printed. I want my $34.94 refund onto my card. It has been disgusting to deal with Amazon. Nobody appears to reply me. WHY ? Just a matter of $34.94. Is Amazon bankrupt ? Please respond. Thanks. Susantha.


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