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Comment from JACKIE KIZER - Posted Jul 09, 2018

I need a phone number for google overstock .I have a 35.59 charge on my American express and I done know what it is for

Comment from BENJAMIN ARTATES - Posted Sep 01, 2017

August 26 2017 ! POS PURCHASE
OPOS 49.95 611 MUSIC.COM 18885

This was just last saturday ??? I was moving into my new apartment and today as is check my online banking that is what exactly my accounts acrivity had for me??? This very scary sruff that professionalizm is excuted here that this kind of transactuion in a million i was pick and rob on internet wooooow??????

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Comment from NICK - Posted Jul 01, 2017

Hi Vincent, I was charged 68.80 from them as well on credit card cannot seem to get any explanation at all.

Comment from VINCENT - Posted Jun 24, 2017

Hi, i was charge 68,19 from on credit card and have no idea why ? Please send me some explication


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